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Sunday, October 3, 2010

A look inside the processor

The great mystery of the PC is what takes place inside its circuitry .How can this box of chips, wires, and other parts -most of which don't move- do its work?
A processor's performance -even its capability to function- is dictated by its design, or architecture . A chip's architecture determines where its parts are located and connected, how it with other parts of the computer, and much more. It also determines the path that electricity(in the form of moving electrons)takes as it moves through the processor, turning its transistors on and off. There are many different chip architectures in use today, and each family of PC processors is based on its own unique architecture.
In fact, processors are differentiated by their architecture. The processors of IBM PCs and Macintosh computers have such different architectures, for example, that they cannot even run the same software; operating systems and programs must be written to run on each processor specific architecture, to meet its requirements.
A processor's architecture determines how many transistors it has, and therefore the processor's power. Simply stated, the more transistors on a processor, the more powerful the it is. The earliest microprocessors had a few thousand transistors. The processors in today's PCs contain tens of millions. In the most powerful workstations and server computers, a processors may contain hundreds of millions of transistors. When a computer is configured to use multiple processor, it can ultimately contain billions of transistors.
A processors includes many other features that affect its performance. For example, a processors performance is affected by the number of bits of data it can process at any one of time. Currently, nearly all standard PC processors move data in 32-bit chunks; they are called"32-bit processors". In 2003 American Micro Devices(AMD) released a new generation of desktop PC processor that can handle 64-bits of data .(High-end workstations and many minicomputers systems have used 64-bit processors for about a decade).

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Why You Should Consider Acer Computer

Is Acer Computer the company from which you should consider getting your PC? There are many PC companies out there claiming they can get me the best PC at the best price. I know that whenever I have to shop for a computer I just dread the process. However, it must be done and the best way is to research each company well and decide who is going to work the best for you. Acer Computer is certainly a company you should consider when it comes time for you to make your PC purchase. By taking a look at who Acer Computer is and what they can do for you, you will be able to make an informed decision on what type of PC to get.
Acer Computer is one of the top five branded PC vendors in the entire world. They design and market easy, dependable IT solutions that they say will help empower you to reach your goals and enhance your life. In 2000, Acer Computer decided to focus on globally marketing its brand-name products: desktop and mobile PCs, servers and storage, displays, peripherals, and e-business solutions for business, government, education, and home users. Started in 1976, Acer Inc. has around 5,600 employees and people in over 100 countries. They gross several billion dollars per year.
So you know you are dealing with a top company and a first rate organization when it comes to Acer Computer. Global, progressive, and working both with individuals and large companies means that Acer Computer may very well be able to help you take the next step with your PC purchase. They should be able to help you step up to the most advanced and state of the art computers that you are your business could possibly need to work at your potential.
Since Acer Computer announced their transformation and shift at the end of 2000, they have dedicated themselves to becoming a company focused on global marketing and service. They have developed a working Channel Business Model that involves working with some of the top PC industry suppliers as well as channel partners. Because of this, Acer has begun to enrich their branding, technology and marketing abilities; they have also increased their effectiveness in managing global logistics, global business channels and customer service.
So when the time comes that you are considering a PC purchase, you should at least give Acer Computer a look. They are a very progressive company that has moved beyond simply helping the individual user, the big business, or domestic customers. Acer Computer has become a global marketer of solutions based on PCs as well as other computer supplies and technology. They work on the edge of advancement and offer you the chance to empower your business and yourself to work to the potential you know you have, but have never quite tapped.

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Vacationing with a Laptop and a Digital Camera

Everyone loves digital cameras and the ease of operating without film, but storing all the images can be an issue. At home I like to store them on my laptop and back them up to CDs.

If you are going on vacation for a week and plan on taking lots of pictures, you should know how many images you can you store on your laptop.

Most consumer shoot in compressed JPEG mode, and the images are between 250k bytes and perhaps 1.4M bytes. A 1 GB CF will hold as many as a thousand or more images. If you are like me it is easy these days to shoot a lot of pictures in a very short time. You could buy another CF or transfer the images to your laptop.

Laptops do not hold all that much data. How many gigs of disk capacity do you have left on your personal laptop? The newer ones will come with 40 or even 100 GB drives, but most people don't have ones that new, and many also have a bunch of stuff loaded already. So, check out the size of your HD and see how much space is left for your photos. If your laptop has a CD burner bring extra blank CDs so you can burn the photos. A great little back tool is You could also back them up to your ISPs server.

Another option might be to buy a portable hard drive. You can find them the size of good-sized glasses case. You stick your CF in a slot, turn the gadget on, and dump the CF into the gadget's storage. These range from 20GB to 60GB+ and are $100+.

Stand-alone burners can burn CDs & DVDs, and some will also play DVD movies, audio CDs, etc as well so you can bring your movies and music along while traveling.

If you have a new laptop it might have a fast firewire connection, if not you will need to use the USB connection to transfer the photos.

So, taking a few precautions and planning ahead a little will insure that you get to keep all the photos that you took as a reminder of that wonderful, long ago vacation.

David Perlmutter is the founder and CEO of, Inc. ( ) His first portable was a Compaq Plus 20 years ago., Inc. has sold over 20,000 refurbished laptops to consumers and companies over the last ten years.

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The HP 530 Laptop

HP has launched a new budget personal computer for anyone looking for an affordable yet reliable solution for everyday use. It is clear that the HP 530 Laptop computer is best suited for the office as a work machine or even for surfing the internet at home. But no matter what you use it for, this impressive notebook is the perfect solution. Although this laptop falls under the budget PC category, you still get unbeatable performance, unquestionable quality and not to forget, state-of-the-art features.

Now, we all know that HP produces only finest quality products and that the HP 530 Laptop is no exception. This outstanding notebook computer offers a great performance and unbeatable features at a very reasonable price. The HP 530 Laptop notebook comes with an Intel Celeron M 520 1.60GHz processor and 1GB of DDR2 533 memory (1GB x 1) which is perfectly suited for getting the job done even when you are performing numerous tasks simultaneously. As for storage, you get pretty much - the standard 120GB 5400rpm Hard Drive and for burning DVDs or watching movies there is a DVD±RW Dual Layer Drive. The exceptional 15.4-inch diagonal WXGA (1280x800) Wide screen TFT Active Matrix LCD display offers a good reasonably sized desktop for best productivity, without compromising mobility. Other important features worth mentioning about this incredible laptop include the 2 USB 2.0 Ports, a VGA Port, a RJ11 Modem Port, RJ45 LAN Port, Microphone-in, Headphone-out and a Type I/II CardBus Slot.

When you look at the HP 530 Laptop, it is clear that this modern personal computer was intended to be used as a mobile device. To keep you connected this notebook comes with integrated Wi-Fi so that the internet can be accessed from any one of the many hot spots available. Other connectivity options include 56K Fax/Modem and 10Base-T/100Base-TX Fast Ethernet. The modern design will not let you down because this incredible laptop is only 1.2-inches thick and because it weighs the incredible 6 lbs, making it extremely easy to carry around when traveling.

The author is a regular contributor to Laptop Review. For more reviews of popular laptops visit:

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Laptop Computers - What's the Best Way to Buy One?

Laptop computers or notebooks are of course used all over the world for business and pleasure. Aren't they so expensive though. You needn't always go on the hunt for a laptop - sometimes you just know a bargain price when you see one.

Lots of high street stores sell them, small shops sell them, friends sell them, almost anyone sells them, but where's the best place to get yourself an excellent laptop?

Where do we start then? My guess is as good as yours I could say. But I'll try not to say that.

If you're fairly new to the laptop world then probably the first thing you need to know before purchasing is how much space (gigabytes) you'll need for your information - you know, stuff you might store, stuff you might write yourself etc.

Then, if you're like me, the next most important thing is price! Quality as well yes, but price is what we all look out for isn't it.

Amazon is a superb place to get your laptop or notebook. You can get them brand new, refurbished or even second hand if you like.

They have a huge selection of laptops at amazing prices. Before you buy, Amazon will give you all the information concerning the laptop that you will need. They also give you feedback from other people which is great because then there's no bias. It really is an excellent way to purchase your laptop for business or pleasure.

Very importantly, you will be able to shop with Amazon using their payment facility with secure encrypted payment, so no need to worry about paying online.

Fear not, buy that superb laptop you want or need and get the best deal available.

If you want amazing laptops at truly amazing prices you will certainly love the above site. It's a superb site with the top deals. Please go to the site and then scroll down to the Amazon Store.

There's a huge selection of Laptop Computers with the best prices and massive savings, so just go to the above site and take a look. Or simply copy and paste into your browser.

You will not be disappointed!

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Used Computer Sales

If you are looking for a used computer, you can save a lot of money. However, there are some very important factors you should take in to consideration before purchasing the first used computer you see. As with all things, a rash purchase can often lead to regrets down the line.

The best advice anyone can follow when shopping for a used computer is to make sure you have a knowledgeable friend at your side who can tell you what is a good deal and what is not. The computer should be given a complete physical inspection to look for damage and glitches. Make sure that you and your friend check for problems and not a salesperson. You should also make sure that the sale you are about to purchase includes the original operating system software discs and manuals. You should have the manuals, discs and licenses for any and all software applications and fonts on the machine.

Remember that computers depreciate quickly, so find out the value of the computer as it is now and not when it was new. You can check out used computer sales on the Internet to see what people are paying, but keep in mind that there is no real true source to find out what a used computer should cost.

Last but not least, make sure the computer you are purchasing is legal. There are hundreds of “hot” (stolen) computers out there in the hands of thieves that would love to get their hands on your money.

Computer Sales provides detailed information on Computer Sales, Online Computer Sales, Laptop Computer Sales, Computer Hardware Sales and more. Computer Sales is affiliated with Computer Projector Rentals.

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Laptop Computer Rentals

The greatest advantage of laptops is that they are portable, so businesses on the move are their biggest fans. However since laptops are more expensive than desktops, it becomes wiser most of the time to rent them.

Companies rent laptops during trade fairs or seminars, outstation presentations or employee training. Even if a company has its own computers, it is better to rent a laptop as these are wireless devices and can be taken anywhere. Laptops are lighter in weight and use LCD displays. Laptops are also the answer when the need for a computer arises at a short notice, or for a short length of time. Temporary offices that are set up, like during the construction of a building, may be totally conducted from a makeshift office with rental laptops. Laptop rentals are in demand during news coverage at a particular area, such as in the aftermath of a disaster.

Renting companies most of the time take care of the entire setup. Setup includes installing the appropriate software on the laptop and checking for Internet connection. It is better if the renting company is informed in advance of the software needed. Users are required to check the functionality of the laptops. However. some rental companies only ship the equipment leaving the set up to the user.

Renting laptops is a very easy process. There are several online companies that provide rentals. They can be paid for by check or by a company credit card. There is no binding on the rental period. A company may either terminate the rent before the period ends or extend it as per their need. There are penalties for either early termination or extension.

Laptop rentals are also economical as these may be tax deductible. Most laptop companies have warranties on their equipment ranging from 45 to 90 days.

Computer Rentals provides detailed information about computer rentals, laptop computer rentals, computer projector rentals, desktop computer rentals and more. Computer Rentals is the sister site of Nature Screensavers.

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